Author’s Inspiration

This book was inspired by a series of recurring events I have witnessed over the years. Early on in my life I realized that I always felt moved with compassion toward people who are suff ering. I always wished I had a supernatural power to help them come out of their agonizing predicaments and suff erings.

As I grew older and attended church services, I heard many preachers teach about a God in heaven who is our creator and who has astonishing power to accomplish wondrous things in the lives of humans. I heard many testimonies to this power! I then set out to search out the truth of these teachings myself.

So I began studying my Bible judiciously, as though I would be required to write a professional examination on it, because I was eager to verify the “facts” presented in these numerous sermons about this God’s power. In the course of this intensive study of my Bible, I made a remarkable discovery: The facts were real and not a fairy tale.

As I followed the teachings in the Word and learnt how to pray for those people towards whom my heart was compassionate — to see therein the interplay of human drama and divine involvement. I saw this God’s power working in and changing them for the better and turning their lives around.

Above all, I saw this same God’s power working tremendously in my own life and affairs and always moving me ahead of my peers to an uncommon next level. So it was that a university friend of mine who witnessed the undeniable proofs of the workings of God’s power in my life once asked me, “Are you the only one who is serving God? Why is it that you are always and consistently getting results?”

Indeed, this consistent experience of what God’s power can accomplish in human life led me to intensify my prayers that He might showcase more of this power over the affairs of men. I realized that most of my prayers were directed towards potential mothers (and especially expectant mothers), and both then and now my heart never ceases to be moved by them.

The most interesting thing about this is that, as I pray and believe God for known loved ones waiting on God for the fruit of the womb, before I know it, He shows me in dreams that they shall soon conceive, and shortly after I see them become pregnant and bear their babies.

For instance, there was a time He showed me in a vision sequentially, two of my aunts who had been waiting for almost half a decade to bear a child being heavily pregnant. On seeing this, I knew God was at work. Few months later, one of them visited the house and as she was about discussing with my mum, I quickly related the event to her and in awe, she said, “…..exactly what I came to tell mum” that she was few months pregnant.

Not too long, again, I was able to see my second aunt and narrated the event to her about seeing her getting pregnant. She then responded with a hug and said “I am actually pregnant” after waiting these years.

These experiences and many more have given me the courage to turn aside like Moses, who changed his position out of curiosity to understand why the bush was burning yet not consumed. There must be a message in the recurring event of seeing expectant mothers bear after being blessed to see it in a dream even before they conceive.

It was a real eye-opener to discover, after I had moved out of the environment where I frequently saw expectant loved ones that the dreams about some of them getting pregnant still persisted! I still have these dreams and not long after receive the wonderful news that another woman was either pregnant or had just dedicated her baby.

Having witnessed this repeatedly, I can attest that these dreams are not mere ordinary occurrences happening by chance. Then I asked the custodian of this power—God—what He was up to in allowing me to see these events in a dream before any eye sees the physical babies.

While still waiting for an answer, my prayer life focused on seeing God’s game plan for such a time as this for expectant mothers. Th en not too long after, I heard in my spirit: “Th e Blessing of Sarah.” What! This is strange! I know “the
blessing of Abraham” but not…of Sarah.

All these questions were swirling about in my mind when He opened up my understanding and explained this mystery. Yet I was overwhelmed by this exposition. So in order to help me comprehend the intended message better, in laymen’s language, He showed me repeatedly in my dreams a vision of Dr. David Oyedepo beckoning me to come.

Whenever I woke up from one of these dreams, I asked Him: “Why this vision of Dr. David Oyedepo at this time? What about him, Lord?” Then I heard the response: “Hook up with him online.” Therefore, for the first time, I went online to watch the services of the Winners Chapel in Otta, Nigeria, including archive services, and that was it!

My head and heart were opened to the mystery of what He was explaining to me all this time about the blessing of Sarah. I was shown this mystery in graphic images as I watched some members come bearing their babies in their arms to testify how they had waited for a baby—some for a decade or longer.

I was astounded by these “live” testimonies from no fewer than 20 women sharing their exceptional testimonies of how God’s power had brought the blessing of a baby out of barrenness. My faith abounded as I was presented with testimony after testimony of God’s power over barrenness.

At this juncture, knowing that this was not a fi gment of my imagination, I determined to present this mystery in a book. That is how The Blessing of Sarah, which you are reading now, came to be.

Finally, let me say that I consider it a rare privilege to be given this assignment because, on the basis of human standards and natural experience alone, I am not qualifi ed to handle this task, but by His Spirit working in me, and by the inspiration of the Almighty, I have not only understood the lessons He revealed to me but done justice to it adequately.

Therefore, without exception, this book is a must-read for all expecting couples, potential couples, and all young ladies out there who expect one day to be married and bear kids. It is a packed resource also for pregnant women craving to experience full time gestation period without miscarriage; and anticipate to have a normal childbirth.

In short, there is a blessing in it for all categories of women that desire to bear children in their lifetime and without much trouble too. Even if you do not have an earthly mother, please do not despair; rather look at Sarah your mother as she is presented in this book.